Aug 24, 2020

5 ways by which app store waiting for download error can be fixed on iPhone !

In iPhones and iPods, downloads are always done from the App Store and not from the Play Store. App Store stops working is a common problem faced by a lot of users, and download error or waiting for download is a common issue faced by them. Sometimes the download button does not work and the download progress does not, and if there is such a problem in downloading the app, then some things can be done to fix it, which I am going to tell you in the post. All these problems can be overcome by doing these methods, So read the post carefully.

Next, we are going to tell you 5 ways to fix the download error.

1. Regular Update Operating System : 
  If you are facing any problem in downloading from the App Store, then you check whether your phone is updated. Apple is popular for its regular updates. New features are added to this and this includes some security fixes and fixing bugs or fixing them. Whenever you see an update, you should update it immediately. Go to Settings, then General, and then check for software updates. If you enable auto-update then you will get information even when the next update is available. If you continue to update the regular phone, then there will be no download error from the App Store.

2. Reboot Your Iphone :  If you are getting repeated download error or waiting for download from the app store, then you can try to reboot iPhone  All these errors can be corrected from this also. You can reboot your phone in two ways, either you hold your power button until you see the slide of the power off button, then you can reboot. Apart from this, a hard reboot can also be done. First press the Volume Up button and then do the same with the Volume Down button, keep pressing the button until you see the Apple logo. After reboot check whether the download error is correct or not.

3. Check Network Setting : If you are getting Waiting for Download notification, then you should definitely check your network settings and internet speed. If the wifi is connected to wifi then check the wife speed Or if you are connected to the mobile internet then definitely check the network settings and internet speed. You must have stable internet to download apps or games from the App Store, otherwise, it will not be downloaded. Your phone should not be in airplane mode, and for this, you should use the open signal.

4. Check Storage Space : Another reason for download error is storage becomes full. If your storage is full, then there will be an error in downloading the app or game. Therefore, try to find that the storage size of your iPhone should be at least more than the size of the app you are downloading.
To check storage, first of all go to Settings, then About and then to General. There you can see how much storage space is there to download the app.

5. 1 App At One Time: If the download is being stopped while downloading apps Or waiting for download notification is better, then it is better that you download only one app at a time. It is better not to download too many games or apps at one time. There are fewer chances of downloading errors from this.